This site is the unofficial archive of the Australasian Medieval Convention. Information on this site is provided as a reference to past practice at the various Australasian Medieval Conventions of the modern time. While it is as accurate as I can make it, some information will be subjective, erratic or downright dodgy. In particular, the photos and publications will be patchy in coverage and are added to at whim.

The various combat rules show the evolution from the general guidelines of Macquarie in 1983, through to the current form. Rules are arranged in reverse chronological order, so the first one you come to is the current set. An annotated set is also provided so you can easily see the evolutionary tree for a particular rule. The annotations open in Java popups... sorry. I couldn't find a better way to include them without disrupting the flow of the rules.

The competition rules are introduced in tabular form showing in which years various competitions were run. When you follow the link, you'll find all the rules for a particular year are given on a single page, with further links to the competition results in a wide variety of formats. I'll tidy these up over the next few years.

The photos and publications are things I had lying around here and are sorted by year. If I've infringed anyone's copyright on the publications, please let me know and I'll take the offending item down. If you have any photos you'd like to include, please contact me.

For the record, the names and dates were:

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