Australiasian Medieval Convention Publications Archive

This is an eclectic mix of flyers, brochures, ads and copies of the conferention booklets. If you have any I'm missing, please send them to me. Identifying information, such as phone numbers and addresses has been obscured to prevent confusion, as most of us have moved a couple of times since these were published.

The primary purpose of this collection is for future conference organisers to see what other people have done in the past and with the reviews and other club documents, to see what worked, didn't work or was missed. The secondary purpose is as a backup of all the stuff I've collected over the years.

Wahroonga, NSW 1973

Macquarie Uni, NSW 1983

Maldon, VIC 1985

Castle Mountain, NSW 1987

Maldon, VIC 1989

Cataract, NSW 1991

Glenfield, NSW 1993

AMCA Combat Rule Survey 1994

One of the decisions of the State of the Movement Meeting at Glenfield was to run a survey to identify exactly how different standards of training and the combat rules were between clubs. Steve Wyley volunteered to run the survey and collated the results, which were sent to clubs in April 1994. Most of the recommendations have been incorporated in the Guidelines for Interclub Combat on this website. 20pp, A4, 748KB.

Brisbane, QLD 1995

Sokil, VIC 1997

Rowsley, VIC 1999

Bowraville, NSW 2001

Porepunkah, VIC, 2003

Herns Hill, Nagambie, VIC, 2005

Dunghaven, NSW, 2007

Castle Mountain, NSW 2009

Danelaw, NSW 2011

Attendees were sent an information pack by email, containing:

Danelaw, NSW 2013

2013 nearly didn't happen. There were no volunteers at the end of the 2011 conferention, so in August 2011 Danelaw circulated this call for EOI on their website. When no group volunteered, Danelaw elected to run the 2013 conference. [Internet Archive wayback machine page]

Kurwongbah, QLD 2015

Tarago, NSW 2017

2017 was the first conference run by a peak body, ALHF, rather than a committee of independants or a group.